Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.9 is out!


Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.9 is out!

We have added new remote services! In addition, some other major changes have been made…

Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.9 Release Notes:

  • Services changed:
    • + added MetroPCS USA - All GSM Models - 180 credits
    • + added Samsung T-Mobile USA [NEW GEN 2015] - NCK + SPCK (1 - 4 Hours Mon-Fri) - 200 credits
    • = Samsung Emergency (Europe) price lowered to 250 credits
    • - Samsung West Europe service removed; use Samsung Emergency (Europe) instead
  • Software changes:
    • - Samsung Factory Unlock Tab removed as obsolete
    • + Added 'Restore All' button to 'My Orders history' tab to restore accidentally deleted orders
    • + Added 'Search' button to 'My Orders history' tab
    • + Totally reworked software engine. From now on Octopus Suite became more flexible and dynamic.
      New services, available manuals and prices are synchronized with a remote server at every software start.
      Now there is no need to download a new setup file each time when you are going to use new services.

  • How to check your balance:
    1. Go to "Support & Options" tab in the Software
    2. Enter your Username (login) and Password
    3. Press "Check balance" button
  • How to submit your IMEI for unlock:
    1. Go to "Remote Service" tab in the Software
    2. Select required service type from drop down menu
    3. If you click on "Information" button, it would bring you a brief description of each service
    4. Type your IMEI number into IMEI field
    5. Press "Send request" button in the Software
    6. To check your request status click on "My Orders history"


Download Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.9

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