Supported Models JTAG & eMMC

LG Phone Models — 1940+

Samsung Phone Models — 1810+

Phone Models By JTAG — 1250+

  • Acer

    Acer A1-810

  • Alcatel

    Alcatel 5025D, Alcatel 5054N, Alcatel 5098O, Alcatel 6055D, Alcatel 7048X, Alcatel One Touch 4030, Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 6039Y, Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 6045I, Alcatel OneTouch POP 3 5065D, Alcatel OT-4060A, Alcatel OT-5051D, Alcatel OT-5051X, Alcatel OT-5054O, Alcatel OT-5056E, Alcatel OT-6044D, Alcatel OT-6055U, Alcatel OT-990, Alcatel OT-X090S

  • ALFA

    ALFA Fly3G

  • AMOI

    AMOI S1, AMOI S2

  • Artel

    Artel GM 4G

  • Asus

    Asus ME175CG, Asus ME302KL, Asus T00G, Asus Z00UDB, Asus Z010D, Asus Z010DA, Asus ZE550KL, Asus Zenfone 2 (Z00ED) 16GB

  • Cherry Mobile

    Cherry Mobile BURST, Cherry Mobile Rave

  • Crius

    Crius Q7A

  • Dell

    Dell XCD35

  • Garmin-Asus

    Garmin-Asus Nuvifone A50

  • Gigabyte

    Gigabyte G1342, Gigabyte GSmart G1310, Gigabyte GSmart G1317D, Gigabyte GSmart G1345, Gigabyte GSmart Rio R1

  • Haier

    Haier HC-C2000, Haier HC-C2076, Haier W716

  • HTC

    HTC 0PJA200, HTC 7 Mozart (PD67100), HTC 8X (PM23220), HTC 8X (PM23300), HTC Blackstone, HTC Desire, HTC Desire (PB99210), HTC Desire 300, HTC Desire 500, HTC Desire 526G, HTC Desire 600, HTC Desire 601, HTC Desire 616, HTC Desire 816, HTC Desire 820N, HTC Desire C (PL01100), HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire SV (PM86100), HTC Desire V, HTC Desire X Dual (T329W), HTC Desire Z, HTC Dream, HTC Droid Eris (A6376), HTC Droid Incredible 2, HTC Elf, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Evo 4G (PC36100), HTC Evo Design 4G, HTC Explorer, HTC Flyer, HTC Freestyle, HTC HD Mini (PB92100), HTC HD2, HTC HD7, HTC HD7 (PD29100), HTC Hero 100, HTC Imagio, HTC Incredible S (PG32130), HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Intruder, HTC Jade, HTC JADE (JADE100), HTC Kaiser (KAIS130), HTC Magic, HTC myTouch 3G, HTC myTouch 3G (Espresso), HTC myTouch 3G (SAPP310), HTC myTouch 4G, HTC Nexus One, HTC One A9U, HTC One M7 (PN07100), HTC One M7 (PN07110), HTC One M7 (PN07140), HTC One M7 (PN0720000), HTC One M8 (OP6B700), HTC One M8S (0PKV100), HTC One S (PJ40100), HTC One V, HTC One X PJ64100, HTC PL80130, HTC PN07110, HTC Raphael, HTC Rhyme (PI46100), HTC Rio 8S (PM59100), HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Sensation XL, HTC Smart (HTC Rome, F3188), HTC Surround, HTC Titan (PI39110), HTC Topaz, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM110), HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM300), HTC Touch Diamond 2 (TOPA200), HTC Touch Diamond2 (TOPA210), HTC Touch Dual, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Touch2 T3333 (HTC Mega, PB74100), HTC TyTn II, HTC Wildfire, HTC Wildfire S

  • Huawei

    Huawei ALE-L21, Huawei B683, Huawei C2803, Huawei C2807, Huawei C2808, Huawei C2906, Huawei C8500, Huawei E153, Huawei E153Eu-3, Huawei E153u-2, Huawei E1550, Huawei E156G, Huawei E158, Huawei E160g, Huawei E169, Huawei E171, Huawei E171 (CPU: HiSilicon HI6731), Huawei E172, Huawei E173, Huawei E1731, Huawei E1732, Huawei E173Eu-1, Huawei E173u-1, Huawei E173u-2, Huawei E173z-1, Huawei E1750, Huawei E176, Huawei E180, Huawei E1800, Huawei E220, Huawei E272, Huawei E303, Huawei E303s-1, Huawei E303s-2, Huawei E3131, Huawei E352b, Huawei E353u-1, Huawei E353u-2, Huawei E353Ws-2, Huawei E5380, Huawei E5832S, Huawei E583c, Huawei E586, Huawei EC306-2, Huawei EC3061, Huawei EC315, Huawei G510-0010, Huawei G510-0100, Huawei G510-0200 (U8951), Huawei G510-0251, Huawei G520-0000, Huawei G526-L11, Huawei G6-L11, Huawei G6-U10, Huawei G620-A2, Huawei G620S-L01, Huawei G630-U10, Huawei K3765, Huawei K4511, Huawei Nexus 6, Huawei P705GO, Huawei RIO-L03, Huawei S7-101, Huawei S7-721u, Huawei SCL-L01, Huawei TIT-U02, Huawei U1000S, Huawei U120S, Huawei U121, Huawei U1270, Huawei U1280, Huawei U2800, Huawei U2800a, Huawei U2801, Huawei U7510, Huawei U7519, Huawei U8110, Huawei U8120, Huawei U8150, Huawei U8160, Huawei U8180, Huawei U8500, Huawei U85101, Huawei U8650, Huawei U8651T, Huawei U8652, Huawei U8655-1, Huawei U8655-51, Huawei U8660, Huawei U8666-1 (Ascend Y 201), Huawei U8686, Huawei U8800, Huawei U8800 Pro, Huawei U8815 (Ascend G300), Huawei U8815N, Huawei UM840, Huawei UMG366, Huawei Y210-0100 (U8685), Huawei Y300-0000, Huawei Y300-0151, Huawei Y301-A1 (MetroPCS), Huawei Y530-U00, Huawei Y550-L01, Huawei Y560-l01, Huawei Y625-U32

  • INQ

    INQ Mini 3G

  • KTFT Ever

    KTFT Ever EV-W530

  • Lenovo

    Lenovo A1000F, Lenovo A3000F, Lenovo A390, Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A760, Lenovo K10e70, Lenovo K33a48, Lenovo K53a48, Lenovo P1a42, Lenovo P2c72, Lenovo P700i, Lenovo P780, Lenovo S820, Lenovo S856, Lenovo S860, Lenovo ZUK Z1, Lenovo ZUK Z2 Z2131, Lenovo А706

  • LG

    LG A340, LG A341, LG A380, LG AS330, LG C395, LG C410, LG C550, LG C660, LG C660H, LG C660R, LG C710h, LG C729, LG C800, LG C800DG, LG C800g, LG CT810, LG CT815, LG CU405, LG CU500, LG CU575, LG CU720, LG CU920, LG D150, LG D157F, LG D160, LG D160F, LG D160G, LG D165G, LG D280G, LG D280N, LG D285, LG D285F, LG D285G, LG D290N, LG D295, LG D300F, LG D300g, LG D315, LG D315K, LG D320, LG D320, LG D320, LG D320F, LG D320N, LG D321, LG D325, LG D325 (Hynix), LG D325F8, LG D325G8, LG D335, LG D370, LG D370TR, LG D373, LG D373EU, LG D375, LG D380, LG D385, LG D390N, LG D410, LG D410H, LG D410HN, LG D410NH, LG D415RD, LG D486, LG D486, LG D500, LG D505, LG D605, LG D618, LG D620, LG D620K, LG D620K, LG D620R, LG D625, LG D631, LG D690, LG D7227AR, LG D722V, LG D724, LG D802, LG D821, LG D838, LG D851, LG D852, LG D852G, LG D855, LG D855K, LG D855P, LG D856, LG E400, LG E400B, LG E400F, LG E400G, LG E400GO, LG E400R, LG E405, LG E405f, LG E410, LG E410, LG E410B, LG E410G, LG E410I, LG E411F, LG E411G, LG E415F, LG E415G, LG E425, LG E425C, LG E425F, LG E425G, LG E425J, LG E430, LG E430GO, LG E431G, LG E435, LG E435F, LG E435G, LG E440, LG E475F, LG E510, LG E510f, LG E510g, LG E610, LG E610GO, LG E610v, LG E612, LG E612f, LG E612g, LG E615, LG E615F, LG E617G, LG E720, LG E730, LG E730F, LG E739, LG E900, LG E900h, LG E906, LG E960, LG E970, LG E971, LG E973, LG E975, LG E980, LG E980, LG E980H, LG E985T, LG E986, LG E987, LG E988, LG E989, LG F100S, LG F160K, LG F160L, LG F160LV, LG F160S, LG F180K, LG F180L, LG F180S, LG F200K, LG F200L, LG F200LS, LG F200S, LG F220K, LG F240K, LG F240L, LG F240S, LG F310L, LG F370K, LG F370L, LG F370S, LG F440L, LG F460K, LG F460L, LG F460S, LG GD880, LG GD880f, LG GM730, LG GM730e, LG GM730f, LG GM735, LG GM750, LG GM750h, LG GM750n, LG GM750Q, LG GT540, LG GT540f, LG GT540G, LG GT540GO, LG GT540R, LG GT810H, LG H220, LG H343, LG H345, LG H410, LG H440N, LG H443, LG H525n, LG H631, LG H635, LG H700, LG H734, LG H786, LG H788, LG H790, LG H811, LG H815, LG H818P, LG H845, LG H870, LG H901, LG H961N, LG H962, LG K120K, LG K200DS, LG K220DS, LG K330, LG K371, LG K373, LG K410, LG K420N, LG K430DS, LG K550, LG K600, LG KH1000, LG KH1200, LG KH1300, LG KH1400, LG KH1600, LG KH1800, LG KH1800M, LG KH2100, LG KH2200, LG KH2700, LG KH3100, LG KH3400, LG KH3900, LG KH6400, LG KH6500, LG KH8000, LG KH8200, LG KU1000, LG KU2000, LG KU2800, LG KU3700, LG KU400, LG KU4300, LG KU6300, LG KU730, LG KU9100, LG KU9200, LG KU9300, LG KU9500, LG KU9600, LG L-01B, LG L-01D, LG L-01E, LG L-02E, LG L-03B, LG L-04B, LG L-04E, LG L-06C, LG L04A, LG L06A, LG L23, LG L24, LG L600i, LG L601i, LG L704i, LG L705i, LG L705ix, LG L706ie, LG L852i, LG LG870, LG LM-X210MA, LG LS450, LG LS660, LG LS675, LG LS720, LG LS740, LG LS770, LG LS775, LG LS777, LG LS885, LG LS970, LG LS980, LG LS990, LG LS991, LG LS996, LG LU2300, LG LU6200, LG LU6200, LG LV7400, LG LV7400R, LG M160, LG M200N, LG M250N, LG M320, LG M400DY, LG M700, LG M700TV, LG MS210, LG MS323, LG MS345, LG MS500, LG P350, LG P350G, LG P350GO, LG P500, LG P500H, LG P505, LG P505R, LG P506, LG P506GO, LG P509, LG P655H, LG P655K, LG P659, LG P659H, LG P690, LG P690b, LG P690f, LG P692, LG P693, LG P698, LG P698f, LG P700, LG P705, LG P705f, LG P705g, LG P705GO, LG P708g, LG P710, LG P712, LG P713, LG P713GO, LG P713TR, LG P714, LG P715, LG P715, LG P716, LG P765, LG P769, LG P870, LG P870H, LG P875, LG P875H, LG P895, LG P930, LG P930, LG P935, LG P936, LG SH110, LG SH150, LG SH150A, LG SH170, LG SH210, LG SH240, LG SH400, LG SH410, LG SH460, LG SH470, LG SH640, LG SH650, LG SH810, LG SU100, LG SU130, LG SU200, LG SU370, LG SU410, LG SU430, LG SU550, LG SU630, LG SU640, LG SU780, LG SU870, LG SU910, LG SU920, LG SU950, LG SU960, LG TP450, LG TU720, LG TU915, LG U8210, LG US215, LG US550, LG V520, LG V909, LG VM720, LG VS410PP, LG VS425LPP, LG VS810PP, LG VS870, LG VS880PP, LG VS930, LG VS930, LG VS986W, LG VS990

  • Micromax

    Micromax A60, Micromax FPT V

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft RM-1090

  • Motorola

    Motorola MB200, Motorola MB501, Motorola XT1021, Motorola XT1030, Motorola XT1032, Motorola XT1034, Motorola XT1064, Motorola XT1097, Motorola XT1541, Motorola XT1550, Motorola XT1562, Motorola XT1563, Motorola XT1642, Motorola XT1676, Motorola XT1723, Motorola XT615

  • Nokia

    Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM (RM-978), Nokia TA-1025, Nokia X (RM-980)

  • OPPO

    OPPO A31, OPPO A37fw, OPPO A53, OPPO CPH 1701, OPPO R7g, OPPO R9s Plus, OPPO T29, OPPO U705T

  • Pantech

    Pantech P5000, Pantech P6030, Pantech P7040, Pantech P8010, Pantech P9070, Pantech UM150VW, Pantech UM175AL

  • Prestigio

    Prestigio PAP5400, Prestigio PSP 3504 DUO

  • Samsung

    Samsung 707SC, Samsung 708SC, Samsung 709SC, Samsung 805SC, Samsung 821SC, Samsung 930SC, Samsung 940SC, Samsung E988, Samsung GT-18580, Samsung GT-19228, Samsung GT-B2710, Samsung GT-B2710D, Samsung GT-B5512, Samsung GT-B6520, Samsung GT-C6712, Samsung GT-I5500, Samsung GT-I5500B, Samsung GT-I5500L, Samsung GT-I5503, Samsung GT-I5510M, Samsung GT-I5700, Samsung GT-I5800, Samsung GT-I5800L, Samsung GT-I5801, Samsung GT-I8000, Samsung GT-I8150, Samsung GT-I8150B, Samsung GT-I8160, Samsung GT-I8190, Samsung GT-I8190N, Samsung GT-I8200N, Samsung GT-I8258, Samsung GT-I8260, Samsung GT-I8262, Samsung GT-I8350, Samsung GT-I8530, Samsung GT-I8552, Samsung GT-I8730, Samsung GT-I8750, Samsung GT-I9000, Samsung GT-I9001, Samsung GT-I9003, Samsung GT-I9020, Samsung GT-I9023, Samsung GT-I9060I, Samsung GT-I9070, Samsung GT-I9082, Samsung GT-I9100, Samsung GT-I9152, Samsung GT-I9190, Samsung GT-I9192, Samsung GT-I9195, Samsung GT-I9200, Samsung GT-I9205, Samsung GT-I9210T, Samsung GT-I9228, Samsung GT-I9250, Samsung GT-I9295, Samsung GT-I9300, Samsung GT-I9300I, Samsung GT-I9301i, Samsung GT-I9308, Samsung GT-I9500, Samsung GT-I9505, Samsung GT-I9506, Samsung GT-N5100, Samsung GT-N7000, Samsung GT-N7100, Samsung GT-N7105, Samsung GT-N7108, Samsung GT-N8000, Samsung GT-P1000, Samsung GT-P1000N, Samsung GT-P1010, Samsung GT-P3100, Samsung GT-P5100, Samsung GT-S3310, Samsung GT-S3370, Samsung GT-S3650, Samsung GT-S3653, Samsung GT-S3850, Samsung GT-S5230, Samsung GT-S5230G, Samsung GT-S5230H, Samsung GT-S5230M, Samsung GT-S5230W, Samsung GT-S5233, Samsung GT-S5233A, Samsung GT-S5233T, Samsung GT-S5233W, Samsung GT-S5250, Samsung GT-S5253, Samsung GT-S5260, Samsung GT-S5300, Samsung GT-S5301, Samsung GT-S5301L, Samsung GT-S5302, Samsung GT-S5310, Samsung GT-S5310L, Samsung GT-S5310T, Samsung GT-S5312, Samsung GT-S5350, Samsung GT-S5360, Samsung GT-S5360B, Samsung GT-S5360L, Samsung GT-S5360T, Samsung GT-S5363, Samsung GT-S5367, Samsung GT-S5369, Samsung GT-S5380, Samsung GT-S5380D, Samsung GT-S5380G, Samsung GT-S5560i, Samsung GT-S5570, Samsung GT-S5570B, Samsung GT-S5570i, Samsung GT-S5570L, Samsung GT-S5578, Samsung GT-S5600, Samsung GT-S5600V, Samsung GT-S5603, Samsung GT-S5660, Samsung GT-S5670, Samsung GT-S5750E, Samsung GT-S5830, Samsung GT-S5830B, Samsung GT-S5830D, Samsung GT-S5830G, Samsung GT-S5830i, Samsung GT-S5830L, Samsung GT-S5830T, Samsung GT-S5838, Samsung GT-S5839I, Samsung GT-S6010, Samsung GT-S6012, Samsung GT-S6102, Samsung GT-S6102B, Samsung GT-S6310, Samsung GT-S6310L, Samsung GT-S6310M, Samsung GT-S6310N, Samsung GT-S6310T, Samsung GT-S6312, Samsung GT-S6352, Samsung GT-S6500, Samsung GT-S6500D, Samsung GT-S6790, Samsung GT-S6802, Samsung GT-S6810, Samsung GT-S6812i, Samsung GT-S7070, Samsung GT-S7220, Samsung GT-S7230e, Samsung GT-S7233E, Samsung GT-S7275R, Samsung GT-S7275Y, Samsung GT-S7350I, Samsung GT-S7500, Samsung GT-S7500L, Samsung GT-S7530, Samsung GT-S7560, Samsung GT-S7560M, Samsung GT-S7562, Samsung GT-S7572, Samsung GT-S7710, Samsung GT-S8000, Samsung GT-S8300, Samsung GT-S8500, Samsung GT-S8530, Samsung GT-S8530, Samsung GT-S8600, Samsung K3770, Samsung S8530, Samsung SC-01B, Samsung SC-01C, Samsung SC-02B, Samsung SC-03D, Samsung SCH-I435, Samsung SCH-I500, Samsung SCH-I535, Samsung SCH-I605, Samsung SCH-M710, Samsung SCH-M715, Samsung SCH-R960, Samsung SCH-W240, Samsung SCH-W270, Samsung SCH-W290, Samsung SCH-W300, Samsung SCH-W350, Samsung SCH-W3500, Samsung SCH-W390, Samsung SCH-W410, Samsung SCH-W550, Samsung SCH-W560, Samsung SCH-W570, Samsung SCH-W590, Samsung SCH-W690, Samsung SCH-W750, Samsung SCH-W770, Samsung SCH-W780, Samsung SCH-W820, Samsung SCH-W830, Samsung SCH-W910, Samsung SCH-W920, Samsung SCH-W930, Samsung SCH-W940, Samsung SCL21, Samsung SCL23, Samsung SGH-A747, Samsung SGH-A767, Samsung SGH-A777, Samsung SGH-A847, Samsung SGH-A867, Samsung SGH-A877, Samsung SGH-A887, Samsung SGH-A897, Samsung SGH-A927, Samsung SGH-B239, Samsung SGH-F338, Samsung SGH-F480, Samsung SGH-I187, Samsung SGH-I317, Samsung SGH-I337, Samsung SGH-I337M, Samsung SGH-I337Z, Samsung SGH-I407, Samsung SGH-I437, Samsung SGH-I527M, Samsung SGH-I537, Samsung SGH-I547, Samsung SGH-I710, Samsung SGH-I718, Samsung SGH-I727, Samsung SGH-I727R, Samsung SGH-I747, Samsung SGH-I777, Samsung SGH-I827, Samsung SGH-I847, Samsung SGH-I897, Samsung SGH-i900, Samsung SGH-i908, Samsung SGH-I917, Samsung SGH-I937, Samsung SGH-L760, Samsung SGH-M8800, Samsung SGH-M919, Samsung SGH-T359, Samsung SGH-T469, Samsung SGH-T479B, Samsung SGH-T499, Samsung SGH-T499Y, Samsung SGH-T589, Samsung SGH-T589R, Samsung SGH-T589W, Samsung SGH-T599, Samsung SGH-T699, Samsung SGH-T746, Samsung SGH-T749, Samsung SGH-T759, Samsung SGH-T769, Samsung SGH-T879, Samsung SGH-T899M, Samsung SGH-T919, Samsung SGH-T939, Samsung SGH-T959, Samsung SGH-T959V, Samsung SGH-T989, Samsung SGH-T989D, Samsung SGH-T999, Samsung SGH-U908E, Samsung SGH-Z140, Samsung SGH-Z150, Samsung SGH-Z400, Samsung SGH-Z500, Samsung SGH-Z510, Samsung SGH-ZV40, Samsung SGH-ZV60, Samsung SHV-E110S, Samsung SHV-E120S, Samsung SHV-E160K, Samsung SHV-E160L, Samsung SHV-E160S, Samsung SHV-E270S, Samsung SHV-M130K, Samsung SHW-A110S, Samsung SHW-A130S, Samsung SHW-A160S, Samsung SHW-A170K, Samsung SHW-A180s, Samsung SHW-A200K, Samsung SHW-A210S, Samsung SHW-A220S, Samsung SHW-A250K, Samsung SHW-A250S, Samsung SHW-A300S, Samsung SHW-M110S, Samsung SHW-M180K, Samsung SHW-M180S, Samsung SHW-M210S, Samsung SHW-M240S, Samsung SHW-M250K, Samsung SHW-M250S, Samsung SHW-M290K, Samsung SM-A500FU, Samsung SM-C101, Samsung SM-G316HU, Samsung SM-G357FZ, Samsung SM-G360G, Samsung SM-G360P, Samsung SM-G360T, Samsung SM-G360T1, Samsung SM-G361H, Samsung SM-G3815, Samsung SM-G386T, Samsung SM-G386W, Samsung SM-G530H, Samsung SM-G530P, Samsung SM-G530T, Samsung SM-G531F, Samsung SM-G531H, Samsung SM-G532G, Samsung SM-G532M, Samsung SM-G600FY, Samsung SM-G730A, Samsung SM-G750A, Samsung SM-G800F, Samsung SM-G900A, Samsung SM-G900F, Samsung SM-G900H, Samsung SM-G900J, Samsung SM-G900T, Samsung SM-G930T, Samsung SM-G935V, Samsung SM-G950U, Samsung SM-G955U, Samsung SM-J100H, Samsung SM-J100H (One SIM), Samsung SM-J100M, Samsung SM-J100VPP, Samsung SM-J105H, Samsung SM-J110H, Samsung SM-J111M, Samsung SM-J120A, Samsung SM-J120AZ, Samsung SM-J120H, Samsung SM-J200H, Samsung SM-J210F, Samsung SM-J3110, Samsung SM-J320A, Samsung SM-J320AZ, Samsung SM-J320F, Samsung SM-J320H, Samsung SM-J320M, Samsung SM-J320P, Samsung SM-J500H, Samsung SM-J700, Samsung SM-J7008, Samsung SM-J700F, Samsung SM-J700H, Samsung SM-J710FN, Samsung SM-N900, Samsung SM-N9005, Samsung SM-N900J, Samsung SM-N950U, Samsung SM-P555, Samsung SM-P605, Samsung SM-T211, Samsung SM-T217A, Samsung SM-T285, Samsung SM-T285YD, Samsung SM-T310, Samsung SM-T311, Samsung SM-T331, Samsung SM-T337T, Samsung SM-T377P, Samsung SM-T535, Samsung SM-T555, Samsung SM-T567V, Samsung SM-Z130H, Samsung SM-Z300H, Samsung SPH-L520, Samsung SPH-L710, Samsung SPH-L720, Samsung SPH-L720T, Samsung SPH-M8400, Samsung SPH-W2400, Samsung SPH-W2700, Samsung SPH-W2900, Samsung SPH-W3000, Samsung SPH-W4100, Samsung SPH-W4200, Samsung SPH-W5000, Samsung SPH-W5200, Samsung SPH-W5300, Samsung SPH-W5310, Samsung SPH-W5500, Samsung SPH-W6310, Samsung SPH-W7900, Samsung SPH-W8300, Samsung SPH-W8400, Samsung SPH-W8500, Samsung SPH-W9000, Samsung SPH-W9100, Samsung SPH-W9500, Samsung U700, Samsung W330, Samsung W460, Samsung W720, Samsung X01SC, Samsung Z300, Samsung ZV10

  • Siemens

    Siemens EF81, Siemens SXG75

  • SKY

    SKY IM-A220S, SKY IM-A630K, SKY IM-A650S, SKY IM-A690S, SKY IM-A800S, SKY IM-R520S, SKY IM-S315L, SKY IM-S350, SKY IM-S370, SKY IM-S380K, SKY IM-S410K, SKY IM-S500K, SKY IM-S550S, SKY IM-S610K, SKY IM-U310, SKY IM-U440S, SKY IM-U460K, SKY IM-U490S, SKY IM-U530K, SKY IM-U560K, SKY IM-U570K, SKY IM-U585S, SKY IM-U590S, SKY IM-U660K

  • SoftBank

    SoftBank 730SC

  • Sony

    Sony C1504, Sony C1505, Sony C1604, Sony C1605, Sony C6602, Sony C6603, Sony C6903, Sony D2203, Sony D2303, Sony D5503, Sony D6603, Sony E2312, Sony E6553, Sony F3111, Sony F3112, Sony F3311, Sony G3112, Sony G3221, Sony ST21a, Sony ST21a2, Sony ST21i, Sony ST21i2, Sony ST23a, Sony ST23a2, Sony ST23i, Sony ST23i2, Sony ST26a, Sony ST26i

  • Sony Ericsson

    Sony Ericsson E10a, Sony Ericsson E10i, Sony Ericsson E15a, Sony Ericsson E15i, Sony Ericsson E16i, Sony Ericsson LT15i, Sony Ericsson LT18i, Sony Ericsson LT26i, Sony Ericsson MK16a, Sony Ericsson MT11i, Sony Ericsson MT15i, Sony Ericsson R800, Sony Ericsson R800a, Sony Ericsson R800at, Sony Ericsson R800i, Sony Ericsson R800x, Sony Ericsson S0-01B, Sony Ericsson Sk17a, Sony Ericsson SK17i, Sony Ericsson SO-01B, Sony Ericsson SO-01C, Sony Ericsson SO-02C, Sony Ericsson SO-03C, Sony Ericsson ST15a, Sony Ericsson ST15i, Sony Ericsson ST17a, Sony Ericsson ST17i, Sony Ericsson ST18a, Sony Ericsson ST18i, Sony Ericsson U20a, Sony Ericsson U20i, Sony Ericsson WT19a, Sony Ericsson WT19i, Sony Ericsson X1, Sony Ericsson X10, Sony Ericsson X10a, Sony Ericsson X10i, Sony Ericsson Z1i

  • Stream

    Stream B3, Stream System_B1

  • TeXet

    TeXet TM-3200R, TeXet TM-4677

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba G810, Toshiba G910

  • VFD

    VFD 511

  • ViewSonic

    ViewSonic ViewPad 7 (VS13761)

  • Vivo

    Vivo Y51L, Vivo Y55A, Vivo Y66

  • Vodafone

    Vodafone 715, Vodafone 716, Vodafone 725, Vodafone 830i, Vodafone 845, Vodafone 858, Vodafone K4511

  • Wiko

    Wiko Ridge Fab 4G

  • Xiaomi

    Xiaomi Mi5S, Xiaomi Mi5X (A1), Xiaomi Redmi, Xiaomi Redmi 5A, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (64 GB), Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a Prime

  • ZTE

    ZTE A510, ZTE Axon A1, ZTE Blade (P729B), ZTE Blade III (P772N10), ZTE F116, ZTE F160, ZTE F951E, ZTE K3570-Z, ZTE K3765-Z, ZTE Libra, ZTE MF100, ZTE MF102, ZTE MF180, ZTE MF180s, ZTE MF190, ZTE MF51, ZTE MF622, ZTE MF626, ZTE MF627, ZTE MF632, ZTE MF667, ZTE N660, ZTE N790, ZTE N939Sc, ZTE N9560, ZTE NX508J, ZTE Open, ZTE P736V, ZTE Racer, ZTE Silverbelt, ZTE Skate, ZTE Style Q (TQ150), ZTE Turkcell T40, ZTE V790, ZTE V875, ZTE V880G, ZTE V889F (Model A2), ZTE Z221, ZTE Z222, ZTE Z667, ZTE Z831, ZTE Z982, ZTE Z983, ZTE Z993

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