Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.0 is out!


Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.0 is out! We have added Huawei Remote Unlock services!

Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.0 Release Notes:

  • Huawei (All Levels + Reset Key) Factory Code (15 credits)
  • Huawei Bootloader Unlock Code (15 credits)
  • Huawei - Not Found (35 credits)
  • Huawei (All Levels + Reset Key) Emergency Services (35 credits)
    All Huawei devices are supported: phones, modems, tablets and so on...
  • In addition, we introduce a major change concerning Octopus Server credits with this release.
  • To improve flexibility and for your usage convenience we have increased credits count by 10 and reduced prices accordingly.
    For example, 10 new credits will be equal to 1 old credit. Credits consumption for all supported operations will be adjusted respectively.
    All remaining credits on your balances will be multiplied by 10 as well.
  • During the implementation of appropriate changes, the server would be offline for the next 2 hours.
  • How to check your balance:
    1. Go to "Support & Options" tab in the Software
    2. Enter your Username (login) and Password
    3. Press "Check balance" button
  • How to submit your IMEI for unlock:
    1. Go to "Remote Service" tab in the Software
    2. Select required service type from drop down menu
    3. If you click on "Information" button, it would bring you a brief description of each service
    4. Type your IMEI number into IMEI field
    5. Press "Send request" button in the Software
    6. To check your request status click on "My Orders history"


Download Octoplus / Octopus Suite v.1.3.0

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