Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.4.7 is out!


Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.4.7 is out! Added support for a range of LG devices!

Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software v1.4.7 Release Notes

  • Added support for the following models:
    • E960, E970, E970P, E971, E973, E975, E975G, E975K, E975R, E975T, E975W, E976, E977, E980, E980H, E980P, E981H, E985, E985T, E986, E987, E988, E989, F220K, F220L, F220S, F240K, F240L, F240S, L-01E, L21, L-04E - added Read Security, Factory Reset, improved Repair IMEI and Direct Unlock operations.
    • E410, E410b, E410c, E410g, E410f, E410i, E411g, E415f, E415g, E410, E420F, E425, E425C, E425F, E425G, E425J, E430, E430GO, E431G, E435, E435F, E435G, E435K, E475F, P710, P712, P713, P713GO, P713TR, P714, P715, P716 - added Factory Reset, improved Read Full Flash operation (added reading full flash into "*.bin" format).
    • D800, D800P, D801, D801BK, D801WH, D801Z, D802, D802T, D802TA, D802TR, D803, D805, D806, F320K, F320L, F320S, D820, D821 - added Read Security.

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