Octoplus FRP Tool Software v.1.1.9 is out!


Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.1.9 is out! Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, general ADB Reset FRP method added!

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.1.9 Release Notes:

  • Added Reset FRP feature for the following devices:
    • Google Pixel
    • Google Pixel XL

    • Altice S60 (thanks to Mr. equinoks)

    • Condor Plume P4 Plus (PGN-527) (thanks to Mr. DZ-DEVELOPER)

    • Doogee X20 (thanks to Mr. Faruxchik)

    • E-tel N6 (thanks to Mr. imanka)

    • Greentel X1 (thanks to Mr. imanka)

    • Leagoo M8 (thanks to Mr. Surtax)

    • LG Disney Mobile / DS1604 (DM-02H) (thanks to Mr. mimarijaz71)

    • Mediacom M-SP10HXxH (thanks to Mr. BxS4ever)

    • Mls iQTalk Color (iQ1551) (thanks to Mr. petros047)
    • Mls Color 3 (iQ1553) (thanks to Mr. petros047)

    • Motorola Moto G5S Plus / Sanders (XT1800) (thanks to Mr. Maurioski)

    • Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3131 (PMP3131) (thanks to Mr. Surtax)

    • Samsung SM-G9200 (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-G9208 (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-G9209 (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-G920P (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-G920R4 (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-G925P (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-G928P (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-N9200 (via UART)
    • Samsung SM-N920P (via UART)

    • ZTE Blade Z Max (Z982)
    • ZTE Max XL (N9560)

  • General ADB Reset FRP Method added. By using this method you can reset FRP on devices, which already have enabled ADB. To apply this method, just select “Device vendor: General Reset FRP Methods”, select “Device model: ADB Method”, connect the device to PC (if necessary install ADB driver), and press “Reset FRP” button.

  • New Samsung combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area

  • All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software)

Download Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.1.9

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