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Octoplus Digital Licenses

Octoplus Lite

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Octoplus Lite

Octoplus PRO Box
Samsung + LG + eMMC/JTAG

4600+ phones supported!

Weekly Updates!

JTAG & eMMC functionality!

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Octoplus Pro

Octoplus FRP Tool

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Octoplus Box

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Octoplus Pro Box Full Set

What's in the box:

  • Fully activated Octoplus PRO Box
  • Integrated JTAG & eMMC interface
  • Complete set of cables
  • 6 months of warranty
  • 6 months of FREE access to the premium flash file download area at Boot-Loader

Octoplus Pro Box - ALL IN ONE


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Supported Brands

Octoplus Box Supported Brands
Octoplus Box Supported Phones

Supported Phone Models:

7280+ Phone Models
  • Octoplus Box Supported LG Phones2190+
  • Octoplus Box Supported Samsung Phones2110+
  • Octoplus Box Supported Over JTAG Phones1460+

See all models

LG Phone Models — 2190+

Samsung Phone Models — 2110+

Phone Models By JTAG — 1460+

LG 2190+
Samsung 2110+
JTAG 1460+

The most robust and frequently updated tool for Samsung, LG and other brands on the market!

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