Octoplus Shell Software v1.0.1 is out!


Octoplus Shell Software v1.0.1 is out! Released new features and possibilities!

Octoplus Shell Software v1.0.1 Release Notes:

  • Added possibility to manually download information about update.
  • Added ability to disable automatic check for updates at the program start.
  • Added ability to switch between phone help and JTAG help (for example, if the phone is supported via servicing software and JTAG, you can choose which manual to use).
  • Added phone image preview of the selected phone model.
  • Added Ukrainian and Russian translations to the main software.
  • The program is now minimized to tray (not to the panel).
  • Improved skins usability.
  • Improved phone selection from the list.

Download Octoplus Box Shell Software v1.0.1

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