Hardware Features

Octoplus Box Hardware

  • High-speed USB 2.0 hub to ensure the fastest peripherals connectivity
  • Legendary FTDI integrated circuit for COM-port emulation via RJ45 socket for servicing mobile phones via serial communication
  • Innovative Alcor smart-card controller for rock solid smart-card protection
  • LED receive and transmit indicators for convenience and connection state monitoring
  • Industrial grade fast 55 MHz ARM7 32-bit RISC processor for JTAG operations via RJ50 socket with embedded voltage regulator
  • Universal set of JIGs with different holes pitch and needles of various sizes for solderless connection with compatible phone models
  • RJ50 male to 20-pin female adapter available for easy and convenient 3rd party JIGs usage
  • High grade components and soldering quality

Octoplus Box Package Contains

  • Fully activated Octoplus Box – 1 pc.
  • Integrated JTAG interface
  • 6 months warranty
  • 6 months of FREE access to the premium flash file download area at Boot-Loader v2.0
  • Free Octoplus Box Support Area
  • Set of cables and JIGs:
    • Optimus cable set:
      1. LG 7050 cable
      2. LG A2 cable
      3. LG FOMA cable
      4. LG KE500 cable
      5. LG KF300 cable
      6. LG KG190 cable
      7. LG KG300 cable
      8. LG KG800 cable
      9. LG KH1200/2200 cable
      10. LG KH4500 cable
      11. LG KU 311 cable
      12. LG Micro-UART cable
      13. LG U81XX cable
      14. LG U8XX cable
      15. Optimus cable
      16. Samsung E210 2-in-1 cable
      17. Samsung Micro UART C3303K cable (with 530K resistor)
      18. Samsung V804 / Z150 2-in-1 cable
      19. USB A-B cable
    • JTAG set
      1. JTAG Clip by GsmServer - 1pc.
      2. Set of large diameter needles (P75-B) - 25 pcs.
      3. Set of small diameter needles (P50-B) - 25 pcs.
      4. Set of JIG adapters - 6 pcs.
      5. Set of RJ-50 (10P10C) cables for soldering - 5 pcs.
      6. Octoplus JIG adapter - 1pc.
      7. Copper wire 0.1mm - 1pc.
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