Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.9 is out!


Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.9 is out!

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.9 Release Notes:

  • Added Write Board firmware operation via Test Point for the following devices:
    • AMN-L22, AMN-L23, AMN-L29, AMN-LX9
    • JAT-L-21, JAT-L23, JAT-L29, JAT-L41, JAT-LX1, JAT-LX3, JAT-TL00, JAT-TL20
    • MRD-AL00, MRD-L11, MRD-L22, MRD-L23, MRD-LX1, MRD-LX2, MRD-LX3, MRD-TL00
    • KSA-AL00, KSA-L21, KSA-L22, KSA-L29, KSA-LX9, KSA-TL00

  • Improved Write Firmware operation via Upgrade Mode (to write Upgrade and Downgrade FULL OTA firmwares).
  • Added new Board Mode for writing UPDATE.APP firmwares via HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 for HiSilicon CPU based devices.
  • Note: Please, use this mode only if your device can`t be put into any other mode, except HUAWEI USB COM 1.0!

Download Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.9

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