Perguntas Frequentes

Q: What is Octoplus?
A: Octoplus Box is a professional device for LG cell phones for recovering, unlocking, flashing, resolving freeze problems and for restoring IMEI, NVM, camera and network.
Q: What are the advantages of this box?
A: Advantages of this box:
  • The most experienced and reliable, protected with smart card, flash/unlock solution for LG cells existing on the market;
  • Supports all existing LG platforms
  • Free real-time online updates;
  • Richest and constantly updatable flash files database at the Boot-Loader flash file repository
Q: What are the main features of this box?
A: Main Octoplus features:
  • Direct unlock
  • All locks reset
  • Firmware update
  • Read/write FullFlash and Calibration data files
  • Read firmware version
  • Full factory reset
  • LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support
  • Anycall phones support
  • Repair IMEI
  • Read Boot/Flash
  • Write Boot/Flash
  • Erase Boot/Flash
  • Repair Boot/Flash
  • Multilingual software interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabian, Hungarian
Q: What is the package content?
A: Package contains:
  • Fully activated Octoplus Box
  • Integrated JTAG interface
  • 6 months of warranty
  • 6 months of FREE access to the premium flash file download area at Boot-Loader v2.0
  • Free Octoplus Box Support Area
  • Set of cables and JIGs
Q: What kind of warranty does Octoplus have?
A: Octoplus warranty: 6 months Warranty starts when Octoplus is updated for the first time. Please note that cables are the accessories and are not covered by warranty.
Q: Where can I get technical support for Octoplus?
A: You can get technical support by writing mail to or on the GSM Forum. Information about Octoplus is available at the official web site.
Q: When I connected the phone to the PC USB port, the system detected a new device and asked for the driver. Where can I find (download) the driver for my phone?
A: Required drivers are available at the official web-site
Q: After reflashing, my phone shows "Unavailable Media File".
A: Use "Repair phone" option after reflashing.
Q: How do I unlock LG U300, U310, U450, U830, U880, U890, U900?
A: To unlock LG U300, U310, U450, U830, U880, U890, U900, download the appropriate firmware from the folder "Firmware for unlock" at official support area, write the firmware to the handset, click "Unlock" and follow program instructions.
Q: I couldn't finish reflashing my phone because the PC stopped responding (or because of a power line surge). Now my phone reboots every time I power it on.
A: Charge the battery more than 50 %, simultaneously press «2»+«5»+«Pwr» buttons to start the phone in the emergency mode and reflash it again.
Q: How do I unlock phones LG L704i, L705i, L705iX, L706ie, L852i, L01A, L03A?
A: To unlock LG L704i, L705i, L705iX, L706ie, L852i, L01A, L03A, do the following steps:
  • Power on the phone and disconnect the USB cable (in case it is connected).
  • On the phone keypad, enter #17320508*# (for L03A code 3845#*03#)
  • Go to «Port Settings» and select «QCT mode».
  • Go to «Port Settings», choose «Diag Setting» and select «USB Set for Diag».
  • Connect the cable to your phone, install drivers and enter «Unlock».
Q: How can I remove the user code in LG L704i, L705i, L705iX and L706ie?
A: To remove the code, enter #17320508*# on the phone keypad to access service menu, then select «Factory reset».
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